PT-06 【Completed】Online Training on Psychological Abuse in Families with Marital Discord, Divorce and Co-parenting: An Initial Interpretation and Intervention


Most mental problems are originated or related to prolonged and subtle psychological abuse in families. The situation is particularly serious in families with marital discord, divorce and co-parenting. They are vulnerable and fragile in facing all these separation, abandonment and loss. Children are the most affected victims in which all sorts of mental, personality, behavioral and emotional problems are gradually generated.
In these workshops, Professor Kam-shing Yip, with his decades of clinical experiences and research in mental problems will provide an initial overview in these areas.

Session 1 
An Overview of Psychological Abuse: Definition and Features
Session 2
A Multi-Dimensional Interpretation and Intervention of Psychological Abuse
Session 3
Psychological Abuse in Marital Discord, Divorce and Co-parenting
Session 4
Trauma and Resilience in Families with Psychological Abuse

Date: 28/6, 5/7, 12/7, 19/7/2023 (Wed)

Time: 9:30 am-12:30 pm

Target Participants: Helping Professions such as social workers and counsellors

Fee: $100/session ($400 for 4 sessions)

Platform: Online 
Language: Cantonese (With supplement in English)

Application deadline: 18 June 2023 (Sun)

*Attandance certificate will be issued

Should you have any question, please free feel to contact Mr. Chu/Ms. Lo at 8100 8020.

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